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"Expert hands"...  I offer the perfect balance between relaxation & excitement.

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With my 'signature' SENSUAL MASSAGE you have absolutely nothing to do except to indulge in pleasure and delightfully enjoy erotic sensations with no performance pressure. It's all about receiving something a lot of men appreciate a lot in this "perform focused" society we have in the western world. I love what I do, I enjoy what I do and the most important of all, I value all my clients.


I ensure a sensual, romantic atmosphere,  soft massage, erotic music.  Oh, and of course a nude black beauty by your side (that really helps!), I  dim the lights and get you to lie down naked so you can surrender for receiving my sensual massage and your mind can focus on the sensation of the moment. I use high-quality non-scented massage oils, and a post-massage shower is available when you visit with clean towels provided.


Let me start by massaging your body, relaxing you. Let me tease you making your cock nice and hard, stroking you as hard or light as you like, stroking your balls.  Using my beautiful hands and sexual-touch to arouse you and that you have a fantastic sexual build up.  With me, you can unwind and relax! Just lie there and close your eyes and let my hands, my beautiful oiled breasts and my sensual body take you to heaven and back. Moan, moan with much pleasure darling as my magical soft hands explore your most sensitive parts rhythmically, hold on to it as long as you can! Do not explode until it is time to gently and softly get a warm oily hand relief. ohhhh you will love it all.


You are welcome to cum as many times as you can (if your a lucky man who can manage more than once!!) or just hold back for that wonderful explosive ending!  I do not rush you to cum, I love to tease and i will make you feel satisfied. Just feel completely relaxed in my hands. My warm firm and soft hands and my firm erect nipples will be all over you making your entire body tingle. I will leave you feeling de-stressed, and all your sexual frustration will be released.


I will make you feel so relaxed, invigorated, comforted and so good for your general well being!! when you come to see me, just relax and let go, give up control for an hour or more and let me take care of you, pamper and spoil you, nurture and excite you!! You will have a fantastic time.


A perfect discreet "no strings" service for gentlemen who have never done this kind of thing before or maybe not just getting the SEXUAL PAMPERING side of things!! or perhaps you have done it before but want to do it again and again .............. Thanks to my clients who always come back for more. I will always value your continued visits.  This 'guilt-free' service is the perfect sexual release without sex, and it's complications!!


I love to meet friendly and polite gentlemen who are genuinely interested in receiving a good massage - perhaps even regularly. I will see men of all ages, old and young, big or small and satisfaction is always guaranteed. I don't participate in full penetration, and I don't provide full personal massage, so if you are not interested in sensual massage, then this service probably won't suit you. I will also give sensual massage for ladies of all ages. Maybe you can also give your lady a treat by visiting me as a couple. Please try to provide enough notice for your appointment to help me manage my diary efficiently. I can however also take short notice bookings when am free in between meetings.


To cancel, please give me as much notice as possible, and please be courteous enough to phone or email me rather than not turn up.

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