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"Expert hands"...  I offer the perfect balance between relaxation & excitement.

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Q. How do I make a booking?

A. Just click on 'Arrange a meeting' towards the bottom of my profile page OR The booking tab at the far end of my profile, complete the details of time, date, duration, etc. on the form that pops up and click on 'submit' to send it to me. I'll then call you (at agreed time) to confirm the details and send directions. (Call or E-mail me first to check my availability if you prefer).

Please note that I will only confirm bookings via mobile numbers - not land-lines.


Q. Will there be any sexual exchange during the massage?

A. To avoid misunderstandings, I place emphasis on the fact that my services are massage only - they do not include sexual services (other than hand relief and full genital and or tantric genital massage). My guests only play a passive role. On the other hand, am aware that my massage is a sensual and erotic experience and you will enjoy every minute.


Q. What is tantric massage

Men usually believe they have a lot of pressure to perform, provide, and accomplish. Tantra Massage is different as it is totally without goals, preconceived ideas or expectations.


Tantra is an ancient system of self realization from India which recognises and embraces the connection between all things, including our sexuality and spirituality.  The word means 'to weave together'.  Actually Tantra is concerned with enlightenment, more than sex, but here in the west, the word is often used in relation to sex. Tantra means different things to different people, and I am no traditionalist. When I use the word Tantra, like most Tantrikas today, I'm weaving together different teachings from Tantric, Daoist, Shamanic and Sacred Sexuality traditions, modern scientific sexology, and my own experiential wisdom, informed from my own practices and experiences with my own sexual energy.  Neo-Tantra probably better sums up what I do.


Tantra is a holistic view of the world, and it celebrates pleasure and life and the body and sex.   In Tantra, we prioritise the fact that we experience the world through our senses and feelings, not through our thinking minds.


Tantra is very much an evolving, living system, and it is extremely relevant to today. It's time to get conscious around sexuality, to reclaim the power within us which has been repressed and misunderstood, and to heal from the wounds of the sex-negative society we live in.


Tantra honours the masculine and feminine energies which are present in every living thing from the smallest to the largest scale. It's the yin and the yang, the inhalation and the exhalation, the night and day, the rise and fall of civilisations, the expanding and contracting universe, the rational and the intuitive, the mind and the body, light and darkness and so on. Tantra values both equally, and in doing so, seeks to overcome duality.


Whether we be men or women, we all have masculine and feminine aspects within us.  As we become more Tantric, we identify more strongly with our dominant sexual essence. (for men, this is usually the masculine, and for women it is usually the feminine, but not always) And we also develop the other polarity. This means that a truly awakened man needs to be very in touch with his feminine side, and vice versa for women. When we achieve this, we achieve maturity and integrity... wholeness. Tantric approach to relationships brings healing and transformation to couples and singles, because aligning ourselves with sacred principles is a very powerful and empowering place to relate from.


Q. Do you work alone?

A. Absolutely, I am completely independent and work from my own spotless clean private premises. Occasionally I get request for a 'four hand massage' in which case I will be much obliged to call in the 'extra- hands'!!!


Q. How can I secure a booking?

A. I advise my clients to call early to be able to secure booking, as you have realized by now how hard it it to get same day booking so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BOOK EARLY ENOUGH its the best way to have a definite booking


Q. What Products do you use for the massage?

A. I use quality UN-scented oils. This is sweet almond oil which is also good for the body muscles as it has some components of liniment making your muscles relax, the oils are also very good for the skin.


Q. Private/Withheld Numbers

A. Sorry I will not answer calls from withheld numbers.


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