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Tantric Massage is a 'healing', nurturing, intimate, relaxing and stress relieving,  very sensual massage, during which your whole body is pleasured and if you immerse yourself in it, you can experience erotic trance like states.


The massage takes place with us both naked (or me in whatever state of undress you prefer).  The intention is to honour you as a sexual-spiritual being, through you being present to your whole body 'orgasmicness'.  So throughout the massage I use my intuitive and sensitive sensual shamanic sensing techniques to bring our bodies into harmony together, and then to awaken your sexual energy and skilfully and sensually, and with your participation, spread it around your body.  You will be invited to breathe deeply, remain present, aware but relaxed, and then to expand your sexual energy upwards and inwards. This can result in amazing extended orgasmic states, valley orgasms, that go on and on, but more importantly, the theme is to unite your genitals and your heart.  You will leave feeling very centred and relaxed, probably inspired, possibly even transformed. We are all always transforming, and this can be one of those experiences that opens you up to deeper investigation into your own explorations into the deeper realms of sex and sexual energy.


To begin, you will be guided into a relaxed and receptive state, while I place my hands on you and begin to lightly stroke and move your body. Then I will massage you with lots of long, slow, sliding, sensual strokes, with particular attention paid to your erotic and erogenous zones, and lots of body contact. You may feel your whole body as alive and quivering with orgasmic energy, or experience a whole range of other new sensations or insights or feelings or altered states. For men, your Lingham, that is your penis, is given a lot of attention, as are your buttocks, your balls, and the muscles around your anus. If you want a prostate massage, you need to let me know.  This is a chance to journey deeply into your sexual potential, if that what you wish.  The session is deeply relaxing, extremely nurturing, and obviously can be quite electrifying!  We connect very intimately during this memorable and powerful experience.  For us women, the focus tends to be more on sensuality and sexual healing, and allowing you to experience how naturally orgasmic we truly are, when we are approached with a full body sensual approach, and when we are able to relax into our feminine sexual energy with no goal.


Pleasure and relaxation can be your main goal, or your goal may be to practice Tantra and further develop awareness around sexuality. Before we begin, I will ask you what your intention is.  If you have any concerns or issues around your sexual identity, such as premature ejaculation or erectile issues, then we can address that during the session as well.


A Tantric massage gently introduces you to the main keys of Tantra, such as breath and presence, connecting mindfully during arousal, and how to use imagination and intent to expand sexual energy around the body and create mind blowing, ego disintegrating, full body, cellular orgasms.  It is possible to access trance states, experiences of bliss and union with something greater than yourself through staying present, breathing deeply, and bringing a lot of attention to the experience.


You can expect me to touch you not just with my body, but also with my presence, love, empathy, understanding, compassion wisdom and humour.


Of course you are welcome to connect with me through placing a hand on my body. Best to come with no agenda, go within yourself, and experience what happens when the energy naturally unfolds. There is lots of body contact, but everything I do is my offering to you, it can be received, but it can't be taken, as I'm sure you understand.

Tantric Massage

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