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I am fascinated by relationships and how we can make them closer and stronger. Most couples pay a lot of money to therapists to tell them what is missing in their relationship sometimes this helps but what if there are ways to rediscover each other through a more fun way. That's what led me to explore Tantra, which teaches couples how to develop strong physical, emotional, and spiritual connections to their partners through lovemaking. The special gift idea not only for your wedding anniversary, but also to bring back the spark into your married life... and keep the flame alive for ever!


Tantric Massage is an amazing experience that will become even more intense when you have the possibility to share and enjoy it with your lover, too!  (CLICK TANTRA TAB FOR MORE INFO)


With me you have the possibility to discover the delicious intimacy of Tantra together with your lover. You would each enjoy the pleasure, intensity and the effects of your own massage, in complete intimacy, and at the same time, knowing that your lover is receiving the same delightful treatment, in the other room, also in complete freedom and intimacy, will amplify even more the experience, its profoundness and intensity.


After the massage, we will meet together and share what they felt about the experience! Imagine how it will be, enjoying this completely free of all inhibitions, and furthermore, you would also have the possibility to speak about it with your lover, share it with him/her, and feel how this amplifies the trust and intimacy between the 2 of you!


Also, you would both be introduced to this new approach to sexuality, that implies the control of the erotic energies that are awakening during the massage, and in this way you would discover with great delight how you become able to control your energies better and better, to the point when you become able to make love, and enjoy each other's sensuality in this complete way for hours, and not for just a few short minutes!


For more details of how the massage for each of you would be, please read about my massages from my blog , where you will find a bit more about what learning possibilities you have


This massage can be done in the comfort of your home or my own place depending on you and your partners preference.


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